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 Comptine (Amélie Poulain)

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Messages : 180
Date d'inscription : 2010-09-12

PostSubject: Comptine (Amélie Poulain)   Thu 12 Apr - 17:23

X: 1
T: betacomptine (2:21)
Z: Transcribed using LotRO MIDI Player: http://lotro.acasylum.com/midi
% Original file: betacomptine.mid
% Transpose: 0
L: 1/4
Q: 120
K: C

[E5/8e5/8] B5/8 [G5/8e5/8] B5/8 [E/2e/2] B5/8 [G5/8e5/8] B5/8[D5/8d5/8] B/2 [G5/8d5/8] B5/8 [D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [G/2d/2] B5/8[D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] B/2 [D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] B5/8[D/2d/2] A5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] A5/8 [D5/8d5/8] A/2 [^F5/8d5/8] A5/8[E5/8e5/8] [G,/4B5/8] ^F,3/8 [G,/2G/2e/2] [B,3/8B5/8] C/4[B,5/4E5/8e5/8] B5/8 [G5/8e5/8] B/2 [D5/8d5/8] [^F,3/8B5/8] G,/4[^F,5/8G5/8d5/8] [G,/4B5/8] A,3/8 [G,9/8D/2d/2] B5/8 [G5/8d5/8] B5/8[D5/8d5/8] [^F,/4B/2] E,/4 [^F,5/8^F5/8d5/8] [B,3/8B5/8] C/4[B,5/4D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^F/2d/2] B5/8 [D5/8d5/8] [^F,/4A5/8] E,3/8[^F,9/8^F5/8d5/8] A/2 [D5/8d5/8] A5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] A5/8 [E/2e/2][G,3/8B5/8] ^F,/4 [G,5/8G5/8e5/8] [B,/4B5/8] C3/8 [B,9/8E5/8e5/8] B/2[G5/8e5/8] B5/8 [D5/8d5/8] [^F,/4B5/8] G,3/8 [^F,/2G/2d/2][G,3/8B5/8] A,/4 [G,5/4D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [G5/8d5/8] B/2 [D5/8d5/8][^F,3/8B5/8] E,/4 [^F,5/8^F5/8d5/8] [B,/4B5/8] C3/8 [B,9/8D/2d/2]B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] B5/8 [D5/8d5/8] [^F,/4A/2] E,/4 [^F,5/4^F5/8d5/8]A5/8 [D5/8d5/8] A5/8 [^F/2d/2] A5/8 [E5/8e5/8] B5/8 [G5/8e5/8][B,/2B/2] [E5/8e5/8] B5/8 [G5/8e5/8] B5/8 [D/2d/2] B5/8 [G5/8d5/8][B,5/8B5/8] [D5/8d5/8] B/2 [G5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^F5/8D5/8d5/8] B5/8[^F/2d/2] [B,5/8B5/8] [D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] B/2 [^F5/8D5/8d5/8]A5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] [A,5/8A5/8] [D/2d/2] A5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] A5/8[B,5/8G5/8E5/8e5/8] B/2 [G5/8e5/8] [G,5/8E5/8B5/8] [E5/8e5/8] B5/8[G/2e/2] B5/8 [B,5/8G5/8D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [G5/8d5/8] [G,/2D/2B/2][D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [G5/8d5/8] B5/8 [B,/2^F/2D/2d/2] B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8][^F,5/8D5/8B5/8] [D5/8d5/8] B/2 [^F5/8d5/8] B5/8 [A,5/8^F5/8D5/8d5/8]A5/8 [^F/2d/2] [^F,5/8D5/8A5/8] [D5/8d5/8] A5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] A5/8[B,/4E/4e5/8] E3/8 [B/2z/4] B,/4 z/8 [E/4G/2e/2] B/4 [B,3/8B5/8] E/4[B/4E5/8e5/8] z/8 B,/4 [E/4B/4] B3/8 [B,/4G/2e/2] E/4 z/8 [C/4B/2]E/4 [B,3/8D3/8d5/8] D/4 [B5/8z3/8] B,/4 [D/4G5/8d5/8] B3/8 [B,/4B/2]D/4 z/8 [B/4D/2d/2] B,/4 [D3/8B3/8] B/4 [B,/4G5/8d5/8] z/8 D/4[A,/4B5/8] D3/8 [^F,/4D/2d/2] B,/4 z/8 [^F/4B/2] ^F,/4[B,3/8^F3/8d5/8] ^F/4 [^F,/4B5/8] z/8 B,/4 [^F/4D5/8d5/8] ^F,3/8[B,/4B/2] ^F/4 z/8 [^F,/4^F/2d/2] B,/4 [G,3/8B5/8] B,/4[A,/4D3/8d5/8] z/8 D/4 [A5/8z/4] A,3/8 [D/4^F/2d/2] A/4 z/8 [A,/4A/2]D/4 [A3/8D5/8d5/8] A,/4 [D/4A3/8] z/8 A/4 [A,/4^F5/8d5/8] D3/8[G,/4A/2] D/4 z/8 [B,/4E/4e/2] E/4 [B5/8z3/8] B,/4 [E/4G5/8e5/8] z/8B/4 [B,/4B5/8] E3/8 [B/4E/2e/2] B,/4 z/8 [E/4B/4] B/4 [B,3/8G5/8e5/8]E/4 [C/4B5/8] z/8 E/4 [B,/4D/4d5/8] D3/8 [B/2z/4] B,/4 z/8[D/4G/2d/2] B/4 [B,3/8B5/8] D/4 [B/4D5/8d5/8] z/8 B,/4 [D/4B/4] B3/8[B,/4G/2d/2] D/4 z/8 [A,/4B/2] D/4 [^F,3/8D5/8d5/8] B,/4 [^F/4B5/8]z/8 ^F,/4 [B,/4^F/4d5/8] ^F3/8 [^F,/4B/2] B,/4 z/8 [^F/4D/2d/2] ^F,/4[B,3/8B5/8] ^F/4 [^F,/4^F5/8d5/8] z/8 B,/4 [G,/4B5/8] B,3/8[A,/4D/4d/2] D/4 z/8 [A/2z/4] A,/4 [D3/8^F5/8d5/8] A/4 [A,3/8A5/8]D/4 [A3/8D3/4d3/4] A,3/8 [D/4A/4] [A5/4z/2] [^F3/4d3/4] A [E7/8e7/8][G/2B7/8] ^F3/8 [G3/4e3/4] [B3/4z3/8] c3/8 [B5/8E5/8e5/8] B5/8[G5/8e5/8] B5/8 [D5/8d5/8] [^F3/8B5/8] G/4 [^F5/8G5/8d5/8] [G3/8B5/8]A/4 [G5/4D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [G5/8d5/8] B5/8 [D5/8d5/8] [^F3/8B5/8] E/4[^F5/8d5/8] [B5/8z3/8] c/4 [B5/8D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] B/2 z/8[D/2d/2] [^F3/8A5/8] E/4 [^F5/4d5/8] A5/8 [D5/8d5/8] A5/8 [^F/2d/2]A5/8 [E5/8e5/8] [G/4B5/8] ^F3/8 [G5/8e5/8] [B/2z/4] c/4[B5/8E5/8e5/8] B5/8 [G5/8e5/8] B5/8 [D/2d/2] [^F3/8B5/8] G/4[^F5/8G5/8d5/8] [G/4B5/8] A3/8 [G9/8D5/8d5/8] B/2 [G5/8d5/8] B5/8[D5/8d5/8] [^F/4B5/8] E3/8 [^F/2d/2] [B5/8z3/8] c/4 [B5/8D5/8d5/8]B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] B/2 [D5/8d5/8] [^F3/8A5/8] E/4 [^F5/4d5/8] A5/8[D/2d/2] A5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] A5/8 [e5/8E5/8] B/2 [G5/8e5/8] B5/8[E5/8e5/8] B5/8 [G/2e/2] B5/8 [d5/8D5/8] B5/8 [G5/8d5/8] B/2[D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [G5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^f/2D/2d/2] B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] B5/8[D5/8d5/8] B/2 [^F5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^f5/8D5/8d5/8] A5/8 [^F/2d/2] A5/8[D5/8d5/8] A5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] A/2 [B5/8g5/8E5/8e5/8] B5/8 [G5/8e5/8][G5/8e5/8B5/8] [E/2e/2] B5/8 [G5/8e5/8] B5/8 [B5/8g5/8D5/8d5/8] B/2[G5/8d5/8] [G5/8d5/8B5/8] [D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [G/2d/2] B5/8[B5/8^f5/8D5/8d5/8] B5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] [^F/2d/2B/2] [D5/8d5/8] B5/8[^F5/8d5/8] B5/8 [A/2^f/2D/2d/2] A5/8 [^F5/8d5/8] [^F5/8d5/8A5/8][D5/8d5/8] A/2 [^F5/8d5/8] A5/8 [B/4E5/8e/4] e3/8 [b/4B/4] B3/8[e/2G/2z/4] b/4 [B5/8z3/8] e/4 [b3/8E5/8e5/8] B/4 [e/4B5/8] b3/8[B/4G5/8e/4] e3/8 [c/4B/2] e/4 [B3/8D5/8d3/8] d/4 [b3/8B3/8] B/4[d5/8G5/8z/4] b3/8 [B5/8z/4] d3/8 [b/4D/2d/2] B/4 [d3/8B5/8] b/4[B3/8G5/8d3/8] d/4 [A/4B5/8] d3/8 [^F/4D5/8d5/8] B3/8 [^f/4B/2] ^F/4[B3/8^F5/8d5/8] ^f/4 [^F3/8B3/8] B/4 [^f/4D5/8d5/8] ^F3/8 [B5/8z/4]^f3/8 [^F/2d/2z/4] B/4 [G3/8B3/8] B/4 [A3/8D5/8d3/8] d/4 [a/4A/4]A3/8 [d5/8^F5/8z/4] a3/8 [A/2z/4] d/4 [a3/8D5/8d5/8] A/4 [d3/8A5/8]a/4 [A/4^F5/8d/4] d3/8 [G/4A5/8] d3/8 [B/4E/2e/4] e/4 [b3/8B3/8] B/4[e5/8G5/8z3/8] b/4 [B5/8z/4] e3/8 [b/4E5/8e5/8] B3/8 [e/4B/2] b/4[B3/8G5/8e3/8] e/4 [c3/8B5/8] e/4 [B/4D5/8d/4] d3/8 [b/4B/4] B3/8[d/2G/2z/4] b/4 [B5/8z3/8] d/4 [b3/8D5/8d5/8] B/4 [d/4B5/8] b3/8[B/4G5/8d/4] d3/8 [A/4B/2] d/4 [^F3/8D5/8d5/8] B/4 [^f3/8B5/8] ^F/4[B/4^F5/8d5/8] ^f3/8 [^F/4B/4] B3/8 [^f/4D/2d/2] ^F/4 [B5/8z3/8] ^f/4[^F5/8d5/8z3/8] B/4 [G3/8B3/8] B3/8 [A3/8D3/4d3/8] d3/8 [a3/8A3/8]A3/8 [d^Fz/2] a/2 [Az/2] d/2 [a3/4D11/8d11/8] A5/8 [d3/4A11/8] a5/8z/8 [A^F35/8d] [d27/8z9/8] a9/8 z9/8 g3/2 z3/2 [G16B16e16E16][B5e5E5G5]
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Comptine (Amélie Poulain)
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