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PostSubject: Fabulicious !   Fabulicious ! EmptySun 17 Aug - 0:00

Who are we? Where from come we?

The Fabulicious guild was created by four experimented players: Cluxy, Turalyon, Mugglefin and myself ( Enethi)! The four founder members of the guild play together for almost 7 years. We form before anything else a solid group of friends.

Where do we go ?

As for our state of mind, we are open and mature people. We have all quite a lot of experience in MMORPG such as Everquest, DAOC, Rift, etc. Generally, we prefer the autonomous, available and open players. No drama queen and everything gets well... We shall accept as well beginners as confirmed players.
The whole being that the balance of the guild is not perturbed.

Our objectives are simple: have fun together. We don't have for dream to rox the whole world. We are absolutely set against the concept of elistism.

What we always liked it is to set under our wing the novice players, to guide them in the discovery of the game,  to equip them, then afterward either guide them towards other guilds which will suit better in their desires, or keep them with us so that they take advantage of their experience to help new players.

Worth knowing that we adore the PvP chiefly. We are not against PvE challenges but before anything we like confronting other players.

To be more precise, here are the rules of our guild

1. A leader and it is everything: at Fabulicious, I do decide. I decide on whom will have which loot, but also of the type of event (big PvE, PvP, help of the other members of the guild, etc.). If you do not agree, I am ready to discuss it but it is me who would set in every case, the definitive decision.
If I come to go out, I would indicate the person who will be in charge of enforcing the rules of guild.

2. No insults. Whether it is for the attention of a member of guild or of a player outside the guild.

3. No bug exploit and other deceits of all kinds. Useless to specify that if I catch you cheating, or trying to swindle another player, you will be guild ban and report.

These are only few rules, the important thing is that everyone enjoy to play together.

Fabulicious ! Enethi10
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Fabulicious !
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