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 The Fabulicious Playlist

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Date d'inscription : 2010-09-12

The Fabulicious Playlist Empty
PostSubject: The Fabulicious Playlist   The Fabulicious Playlist EmptySun 8 Apr - 22:42

simon&garfunkel (homeward bound) http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=2465
police (cant stand losing you) http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=7746
genesis (in the air) http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=3953
genesis (jesus he knows me) http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=6028
genesis (I can't dance) http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=4367
Elton john (circle of life) http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=2592
Europe (the final countdown) http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=1682
Concerning hobbits http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=158
cotton eyed joe http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=2713
how deep is your love http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=4671


Katjunkska http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=8619
Traditionnel Rosbif http://www.thefatlute.com/viewsong.aspx?songid=2067

(à trouver : Moonlight shadow ; you spin me around )
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The Fabulicious Playlist
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